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Chinese Community Helps Eureka Primary School Students in Their Study

On 29th January, Consul General Kang Yong and Mrs Kang attended a donation to Eureka Primary School in Cape Town held by the Southern Africa Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Dan Plato, Minister for Community Safety of Western Cape Provincial Government also attended the event.



Mr. Kang and Minister Plato highly appreciated the generous donation by the Southern Africa Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce, chaired by Mr. Zhang Yanqing, a local Chinese businessman keen to help people in need in local community. They all indicated that children are future of society and they hope all learners in Eureka Primary School, with the help and care from society, to focus on their studies, respect and be grateful to their teachers and parents and finally become talents who are useful to the society and country.




With school bags and stationary worth more than 60000 Rand, the donation benefits more than 350 school students and the Southern Africa Heilongjiang Chamber of Commerce pledged more for school learners in the future.



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