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Detained Chinese Fishing Vessels at East London Released


On June 23, three Chinese fishing vessels detained at East London by SA authority were released and left for China.

Fu Yuan Yu7880, Fu Yuan Yu7881 and Run Da617, were on their way to China after fishing squid on the high sea near Argentina. On May 22, the vessels entered SA Exclusive Economic Zone to avoid storm and were detained by SA authority for not having SA permit to enter SA EEZ. The vessels were further accused of storing, processing and transporting of fish within the South African Exclusive Economic Zone without the authority of a permit.

Earlier on May14, a Chinese fishing vessel, Lu Huang Yuan Yu 186, was on its way to the Republic of Congo and was detained by SA authority at sea out of Saldanha Bay for passing through SA EEZ without SA permit. The vessel was also accused of not possessing fishing gear permit and was fined. The vessel finally left SA for the Republic of Congo on June 6.

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