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MEC praises De Aar wind energy project
From DFA, Wednesday, November 29, 2017


THE LONGYUAN Mulilo Wind Power Project in De Aar, which generates 100 megawatts per annum, is estimated to provide 85 000 local residents with renewable energy.


Longyuan Mulilo Wind Power Project in De Aar


The Northern Cape MEC for the Department of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Mac Jack, explained that the project's wind generation would reduce emissions by 619 900 tons of carbon dioxide.

" The project will play a positive role in solving power shortages and will contribute greatly to the upliftment of the communities through the creation of more than 1 000 employment,"said Jack.

He added that the plant would result in economic and socio-economic development projects within the local community.

Jack advised that 50 percent of what was produced through procurement or shareholding projects should be reinvested in the community.

"Our people who reside around the mining belt or any natural beneficiation should participate fully in the economic development of that area, as employees, shareholders or partners.

"The Northern Cape is essentially the gateway for investments in renewable nenergy, specifically focusing on solar energy and to a small extent wind."

He added that renewable energy had attracted investment to the value of R30.7 billion.

" This has created 20 063 jobs, supported socio-economic development(SED)spend of R 200 million, and supported small entrepreneurs.

"Over and above these benefits, the most important aspect is the contribution to the national grid in the form of clean energy that these investments will bring.Carbon neutral energy generation that doesn't pollute like hydrocarbon-based coal and oil will have extensive benefits for the planet and thus future generations, this makes us very proud of the Northern Cape sun and wind."

Jack stated that Longyuan SA was selected as the preferred bidder for two De Aar wind projects, with installed capacity of 244,5 MW and a total investment of R5 billion.

" The construction of the two projects started in October 2015 and the commissioning is taking place in November 2017, as it was expected. After today's commissioning, Longyuan SA, will start operating here fully for 20 years."

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