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"Patriots Administering Hong Kong" has won widespread support
By CG Lin Jing, published on Cape Times, March 25

The Fourth Session of the 13th National People's Congress (NPC) of China has voted to adopt the Decision of the National People's Congress on Improving the Electoral System of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) with a high vote. This is a landmark step to uphold and improve the system and institutions of "One country, Two systems" and safeguard enduring stability and security in Hong Kong.

The Decision made by the top legislature of China to modify and improve the electoral system of the HKSAR marks a significant move to ensure that HKSAR is administered by patriots.

However, it does not mean that Hong Kong's political life will not tolerate different views and voices.

Patriots in the opposition camp can still participate in elections and be elected in accordance with the law. Thus Hong Kong's Legislative Council will be more broadly representative, and different viewpoints will be heard in the council.

Over the past years, the anti-China, destabilizing forces in Hong Kong have exploited the loopholes and deficiencies in Hong Kong’s electoral system, pushed for their secessionist agenda, repeatedly challenged the central government's authority, and seriously undermined the basic principle of "One Country, Two Systems".

Meanwhile, the hostile forces in a handful western countries have stepped up their efforts to incite "color revolutions" in Hong Kong, with the aim of containing and disrupting China's development.

Therefore, it is an urgent and vital matter to take necessary measures to improve the electoral system in Hong Kong, as anti-China forces have manipulated Hong Kong’s electoral system to endanger China’s national sovereignty, security, and development interests and undermine Hong Kong’s effective governance and its status as the major international financial hub.

It serves China's fundamental interests and the international community's common interests that One Country, Two Systems being implemented successfully in Hong Kong and the city maintains long-term prosperity and stability.

Hong Kong people from all walks of life warmly expressed their support on the NPC’s move to plug the loopholes in Hong Kong’s electoral system in various ways.

Before NPC passed the Decision, the patriotic societies in Hong Kong launched petition activities and symposiums, set up booths in streets to explain to the citizens the importance of improving Hong Kong’s electoral system.

On the same day when the Decision was adopted, various groups and individuals from Hong Kong’s major political groups, regional organizations, fellow associations, industrial and commercial circles, and education circles joined hands and established “Support the National People’s Congress to decide to improve the electoral system” link, and launched a series of publicity, interpretation and online and offline signature campaigns in Hong Kong. The online and offline signature campaign of “Supporting the National People’s Congress’s Decision to Improve the Electoral System” link will be held until mid-April.

The vast number of developing countries have firmly stood by China on Hong Kong affairs.

Belarus, on behalf of 70 countries, recently delivered a joint statement at the 46th session of the UN Human Rights Council to reiterate their support for China's practice of "One country, Two systems" in the HKSAR, emphasizing the special administrative region is an inseparable part of China, urging countries to respect China's sovereignty and stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and other internal affairs of China.

Another 20-plus countries also voiced support for China's position and measures on Hong Kong-related issues in their speeches at the Human Rights Council.

However, some western countries which have played a disgraceful role in Hong Kong for a long period of time in an attempt to disrupt and contain China's development again make unwarranted accusation on NPC’s adoption of the Decision on Improving the Electoral System of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and wantonly interfere in Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs in the name of freedom and democracy.

Following NPC’s adoption of the Decision, the foreign ministers of G7 and the high representative of the European Union issued a statement, blatantly slandered the NPC’s adoption of the Decision.

The US Department of State announced expansion of sanctions on Chinese officials citing the so-called "Hong Kong Autonomy Act".

China firmly opposes and strongly condemns such outrageous moves which grossly violate the basic norms of international law and international relations, and has taken necessary countermeasures against the US sanctions.

On March 18, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi sternly criticized that the U.S. escalation of sanctions on Hong Kong-related issues is a gross interference in China's internal affairs, which has aroused strong indignation among the Chinese people at the start of the high-level strategic dialogue with the United States in the Alaskan city of Anchorage.

External interference will never change China's determination to implement "One country, Two systems" and safeguard Hong Kong's long-term prosperity and stability. It is the Chinese people, including compatriots from Hong Kong, who really care about Hong Kong's long-term development and have a say in its future. Some western countries’ attempt to hold back the reform of Hong Kong's electoral system is futile.

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