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Application and Collection


1) Application

2) Collection


Normal processing time is four working days.In case of urgency you may apply for express processing.

1) Application

1. Please submit the application during our office hours (Mon.-Fri: 08:30-12:00, closed on Sat., Sun. & public holidays). It is not necessary to make an appointment for submission. Whether it's necessary to submit the application personally, please refer to the visa, passport or other documents' application requirement.

2. Before submission, please visit our web site to obtain the updated information and requirements related to the visa, passport or other documents' application requirement. Please do not prepare your application documents according to the information provided by other agencies or web sites.

3. We have posted an instruction of application in our visa office. When the applicant is waiting for submission, please check and make sure that he or she has prepared all the necessary documents with a completed application form.

4. No matter if you apply for visa, passport or other documents, the visa officer will issue a pick –up slip for the applicant after complete submission. Pick-up slip is the only evident of the right to collect the applicant's passport, therefore, please keep it carefully. Except passport application for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will be charged immediately on submission, application for visa, passport or other documents would only be charged on collection. Please do not submit money, postal order, or cheque with your passports and documents together.

5. After the visa officer has inspected the original documents with the required copy of the documents, he or she will return part of the original documents to the applicant, please remember to take them along with you when you leave the office.

6. Please avoid the following incidents, which would delay the applicant's submission:

I. Incomplete application form. (Including: Did not fill in all items on the application form, No signature on the form…etc.)

II. Did not submit all required documents' photocopies.

III. Did not submit all necessary documents.

IV. Did not submit photos, or submitted incorrect photos. We require applicant to submit recent, color, passport sizes' photos.

7. Please reserve enough time for an application. For instance, a traveling visa is valid for at least three months, therefore, applicant could apply an appropriate visa two months before his or her journey to China. Furthermore, applicant can apply his or her passport extension about six months prior its expiry date.


2) Collection

1. Pick-up slip is the only evidence of the right to collect the applicant's passport, visa or other documents; therefore, the applicant must keep the pick-up slip carefully. If the applicant has lost the pick-up slip, the applicant must be responsible for all damages and loss that was caused by his/ her own negligence.

2. In order to secure the applicant's right and privacy, any collection without the pick-up slip would only be permitted when the applicant collects his or her own passport personally. However, the applicant must also show his or her Identity Document to the visa officer on collection.

3. After received of payment, we will return the processed document, receipt and changes to the applicant. Applicant is responsible to check:

Ø If the processed documents are in right amount, and all the processed documents have been returned to the applicant.

Ø There are no mistakes on the processed document.

Ø If the receipt has been issued.

Ø The receipt has shown the correct amount of payment, and the amount of changes is correct.

4. If the visa officer has requested for any further supplementary documents, the applicant must make sure he/ she has bring those supplementary documents on the collection date. Visa, passport and other documents could only be claimed when all the required documents have been submitted.

5. All processed documents' collection date would be reflected on the pick-up slip, the applicant is required to collect his/ her processed documents on or after the collection date within our office hours. Please do not inquire the collection date purposely.

In some special cases, if the officer did not put a collection date on the pick-up slip, please wait patiently. The visa officer would call the applicant again when the document, passport or visa is processed.

For application of Hong Kong administrative Region's passport or Identity documents, the visa officer would post/ fax a written notification to the applicant when such passport/ ID document has been processed. Please bring the written notification, the old passport and ID documents on the collection date.

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