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Consul-General Mr Shi Weiqiang delivered a speech on the "China Business Seminar"

Consul  -General Mr Shi Weiqiang delivered a speech on the "China Business Seminar"


On 13TH Oct. 2005, Mr Shi Weiqiang. Consul-General of The Consulate General of P.R.China attended the "China Business Seminar" hosted by WESGRO and the Chinese Study Center of Stellenbosh University.  Mr Shi Weiqiang also delivered a key note speech titled "Chinese Economic Development, the Contribution to the world and Sino-SA Economic Cooperation.

      Mr Shi Weiqian expounded the reasons for the rapid development of the Chinese Economy, the difficulties facing China, the Sustainable Development Strategy, and how to evaluate the progress of the Chinese economy. He pointed out that China and South Africa are both developing countries, since the establishment of diplomatic relations of two countries, bilateral trade and investment have gained momentum of development. Economies of China and SA are highly complementary, and China welcomes more SA entrepreneurs to invest in China and develop bilateral trade.       

      According to their own experience, the South African entrepreneurs who attended the seminar discussed how to know China, how to do business in China and how to face up the impacts of Chinese textiles flooding to South Africa. They all regarded China as "A Grand Growing Market ". Although it features complexity in culture, tradition, and legal affairs, but it the market develops rapidly with potential opportunities more than chanllenges.

Deputy Consul-General Yu Hong, businessmen from Joberg, Cape Town, Durban etc. and students from Business School of universities altogether 60 persons participated the seminar.

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