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Cape Town receives Chinese donations to help fight COVID-19

One impoverished district in South Africa's Cape Town on Friday received donations from a Chinese company and the Chinese community in the city to help fight COVID-19.

The Chinese corporation named Longyuan Mulilo Wind Projects and the local Chinese community donated cash, food parcels, surgical masks and other medical supplies worth about 1.2 million rand (about 64,000 U.S. dollars) to the residents of the coronavirus-stricken Cape Flats, who have to rely on food parcels from the city due to a nationwide lockdown that started on March 26.

The donations were handed over to Cape Town Executive Mayor Dan Plato at the Chinese Consulate in Cape Town.

Noting that part of the donation will be used to buy food for the numerous soup kitchens which offer free meals to local people in need, Plato said "this donation will take us very very far, and we will definitely engage with other parties on the Cape Flats."

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