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Emergency Notice of Adjusted Requirements for China-bound Passengers on Double Negative Tests
From Chinese Embassy in South Africa

According to Chinese local health authorities, recently a number of COVID-19 positive cases were detected among the passengers from Johannesburg to Shenzhen. After indepth investigation, it is very likely that this was caused by incompetent testing or the failure of restrict isolation after testing. In order to effectively prevent the cross-border transmission of the epidemic, as well as to safeguard the safety of all passengers, the following adjustments on the Double Negative Tests are decided to carry out with immediate effect:

1. The embassy will cease to accept the testing results from all Lancet Laboratories facilities, until further notice. Testing results from Pathcare and Ampath facilities will be recognized as usual.

2. For passengers from neighbouring countries, "Cross double tests" are required to conduct the said tests both at Pathcare and Ampath. All testing results should be uploaded to apply for the HS or HDC green code. Passengers are requested to truthfully submit personal information. Anyone failed to comply will be disqualified to board the flight.

3. The passengers are requested to submit the certificates before 4 pm on the day of departure. Late applications will not be processed.

The Embassy appreciates your understanding and cooperation, and once again reminds the travelers the extreme risk in travel during the epidemic. For those who have already taken the tests, please strictly stay home and self isolate until traveling.

                                                                                                          Chinese Embassy in South Africa

                                                                                                                        January 3, 2021

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